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We so have so much great info, resources, and tips to share with you! Our clients get the best of the best, but here’s our collection of blog posts that cover everything from pregnancy, to preparing for labour, birth tips and info, breastfeeding, postpartum, babies, and more!

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Your Guide to the First Trimester

5 Tips to Survive the End of Pregnancy

10 Things To Do When You’re Pregnant and Overdue In Nanaimo


Labour + Birth

How to Tell If Your Water Broke

Making Decisions During Labour

All About Epidurals

Building Your Birth Support Team

The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

What If I Poop While I Give Birth?!

Is This It? 5 Signs of Labour

The Top 3 Birth Fears

What to Do During Early Labour

How to Support Your Partner During Labour

3 Things You Need to Remember About Birth

Stop Saying Sorry!


Your Options and Decisions

Understanding Your Bishop Score

The Truth About Home Birth

Group B Strep: The Whole Deal



Early Postpartum: 3 Things to Consider

Dinner Plates, Postpartum Healing, and the Need for Rest

Postpartum Planning: 3 Ways to Get Started

Postpartum Is A (Very) Wild Ride

Building Your Postpartum Command Station



Preparing to Breastfeed

Paced Bottle Feeding

Formula Feeding 101

Breastfeeding Myths: Good, Bad, and Hysterical



Skin-to-Skin Is A Really Big Deal

How to Dress Your Baby in the Fall

Why Your Baby Demands to Be Held Constantly

Newborn Exam Procedures

Second Night Syndrome


Prep, Planning, and Hacks

Postpartum Planning: 3 Ways to Get Started

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Baby

Building Your Postpartum Command Station


Other Stuff

Placenta Encapsulation: What, Why, How

Day in the Life of a Doula

Doulas Are Like… What?

Top 5 Apps for Pregnancy + Parenthood