Our clients love having personalized, one-to-one support during their pregnancy, birth, and first year of postpartum life because it helps them feel confident, prepared, and informed. Check out what people are saying about their experiences with Harbour City Doulas!

“Mindan and her team went above and beyond to help myself and my husband out, from the prenatal classes, to renting of supplies. My doula was absolutely amazing.”

“Mindan checked on me after having my baby, along side Pam and Raegan. The whole experience was just awesome. Thank you all so much for everything. Will definitely reach out to them again when we decided to have another baby!”

“I love this team! They are incredibly supportive and kind, and a great resource. I had such a fantastic birth experience with them, thanks to all the knowledge, care, and comfort they bring to the table. I definitely recommend this group with the highest accolades!”

“Harbour City Doulas came to my rescue when I had left my doula hiring to the last minute. They were flexible with my needs and provided excellent labour support through the whole hospital stay (over 24 hours). I believe every labouring woman deserves to have a birth doula on their team, and I have only good things to say about my experience with them. “

“I was feeling down about myself and my anxiety’s of pregnancy but Mindan and Riannon made me feel calm about my worries, made me feel safe knowing when I went into labour you would be there to help make sure we stuck to my plan that I wanted and feel better about myself with my changing body. Riannon made my labour amazing for what it was I feel like it would have been a whole different story or energy without her being there. My favorite was when she set up the whole bathroom with candles and my music and got my partner and I to just relax together while I laboured In the bath. I feel lucky to have had you guys for my support. Forever grateful you made my birth experience way better then what I could have imagined.

Thank you”

“Our doulas were so responsive, warm, and knowledgeable. They made us feel very cared for. We appreciated the focus on the family unit with support for both parents. It was amazing to have the text message support in addition to the home visits. Having doula support at the birth allowed us to have the birth we envisioned- we felt so empowered and taken care of. Our doula helped carry the weight, brighten the room, take care of details that would otherwise fall by the wayside in the tunnel vision of labour. Doulas are medicine!”

“Having now had the experience of having a doula at a birth (we didn’t for our first), we both agree that we will never have another baby without a doula. It made such a difference for us both – we felt able to be more present and in the moment because of the support! Marissa was so awesome, and really helped us get clear on what we wanted, so that we could achieve it.”

“I ended up having a 52 hour labour that ended in a successful vaginal delivery, and I 100% know it was partly because of the support I had from Riannon throughout the process. She was in contact with us during our early labour stages and helped us figure out when to get to the hospital. She not only supported me and my wishes but she also empowered my boyfriend during the process. We were so thankful to have her there. She was a fantastic cheerleader but also an amazing unbiased helping hand to keep us calm and let us know everything was normal and okay throughout such a scary process!”

“I felt very cared-for and understood by both Riannon and Mindan during my pregnancy—they supported me via text whenever I had a question or concern. Leading up to birth I could focus my attention on my wellness and preparing my home and life for baby, I felt calm, at-ease and confident with their guidance and assistance. Labour is a very personal and sacred experience and both my partner and I found the presence of Mindan at our baby’s birth to be indispensable. She knew the nurses and doctors, understood the flow of the hospital and could explain what might happen next. She also did check-ins with my partner.

Post-birth, I had two beautiful human beings to discuss the birth with and my processing of it. This was, and is, extremely important and dear to me. It was a very tender time and their presence was essential in my healing process.”

“My partner and I learned in great detail about the stages of pregnancy; what to expect and what we both might experience. We then practiced several labouring positions and breathing techniques. We really enjoyed this part. The course was empowering and left us feeling more connected and excited about our journey ahead.




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