You’ve just had a baby. Congratulations! What comes next?

If you don’t exactly know, you’re not alone.

The first days and weeks home with a new baby are an eye-opening crash course in Baby 101. Not only are you learning how to meet every single one of their needs, you’re also balancing your own emotional and physical recovery, and you’re doing it all while sleep-deprived and probably a bit hormonal,  too. It’s no wonder why most parents say bringing their baby home is one of the most stressful times of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be like that! We know that professional support makes families feel less anxious, more in control, and better able to rest and recover. Our postpartum experts come to you with the support, guidance, and education that your family needs to help you feel confident, settle into your new routine, and transition to life with a new baby. If you are ready for a postpartum recovery expert, baby whisperer, breastfeeding specialist, and compassionate friend to walk you through your baby’s first year, you need a postpartum doula from Harbour City Doulas.


Many new families are surprised at the intensity of their newborn’s needs, the effects of sleep deprivation, and at how overwhelming it can be to manage their own recovery while deeply entrenched in learning how to parent. After your baby is born, you’ll be making decisions about plans for infant feeding, parenting techniques, and household management, but most parents tell us that what they really need is someone who can answer their questions, anticipate possible issues, and help put these new plans and ideas into action. They need someone who really gets it.

We know that things don’t automatically get easier at six weeks, which is when most postpartum care services end. Harbour City Doulas knows that the regular, consistent, and unbiased support that we provide is critical for the entire first postpartum year to ensure that new families get off to the best possible start. Any of our postpartum support services are available for families within this year.


• Your doula arrives for a visit on a day you’re home alone with your three-week old. It’s 11am, but you haven’t even had breakfast yet because your baby is so fussy. Your doula prepares a snack and a fresh cup of coffee while you finish your baby’s feed.

• Your doula holds your baby while you finally eat. She checks in with you about how you’re feeling, answers your questions about your baby, and provides a much-needed adult conversation.

• After showing you how to get the perfect swaddle, your doula freshens your bed and tucks you in for a much-needed nap. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of clean sheets and your baby sleeping peacefully with someone you trust!

• While you sleep, your doula’s main priority is your baby. Once they are settled, your doula tidies your kitchen, folds the laundry, and preps your dinner. She knows you won’t have time for this later!

• After your nap, your doula helps you with a feeding and gives you some tips to make the next one a little easier. While you feed your baby, you talk with your doula about how to make this transition easier on your older children and about your own adjustment.

• At the end of your visit, your doula slips out the door (and takes the pile of recycling out with her), promising to check in over text tomorrow morning. You feel relaxed and confident, knowing that even while you’re taking care of this new person, someone is taking care of you!



Your postpartum doula does so much more than teach you all the #babyhacks. Your doula becomes your sounding board, your lifeline through the first year, and your the person that you trust to have your back through recovery, sleep, feeding and, most importantly, your own well-being.