Placenta encapsulation is the centuries-old process of preparing the placenta to be ingested via capsules or pills. It involves careful handling, preparing, dehydrating, grinding, and finally encapsulating in order to be consumed. Possible benefits include increased mood stability; emotional balance; increased milk supply; increased energy levels; decreased anemia; faster recovery from birth; lighter, shorter, and less severe postpartum bleeding; and faster uterine healing.

Placenta encapsulation can help your body recover from pregnancy and birth. A placenta encapsulation package with Harbour City Doulas includes:

  • Reservation and rental of supplies to safely preserve your placenta
  • Pickup of your placenta from home or Nanaimo hospital
  • Quick turnaround: in most cases, your placenta pills will be ready within 48-72 hours
  • Delivery of your placenta pills with suggestions for use
  • The confidence of knowing that your placenta is processed under strict sanitation and safety measures, following protocols outlined in encapsulation training, FoodSafe standards, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Control standards
  • The option to add services such as cord keepsakes, placenta prints, tinctures, or salves to make the most of your placenta
  • Folllow-up phone, email, or text support to answer your questions and to make sure you’re feeling your best


You’ve come to the right place for placenta encapsulation in Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Parksville, and Qualicum. Encapsulation services begin at $210 and includes the rental of your supplies, delivery, and pickup. Please fill out this form to learn more!