Believe it or not, one of the best parts about doula support with Harbour City Doulas isn’t the way we help you rock your labour and birth. It’s the magic that happens before labour ever begins through a ton of support, resources, and connection. We believe that you’re at your best when you feel completely supported in the ways that make sense to YOU. That’s why we spend so much time getting to know you during your pregnancy! You’ll have unlimited access to your doulas for every single question, concern, or worry, which means you’ll never have to wonder or worry, “is this normal?” or “should I call the doctor?”. Our only goal is to help you feel calm, confident, and at ease during every stage of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience- and we begin by getting to know you before your baby arrives!

The more we get to know you now, the better we can support you on the big day, and we really do want to talk to you about everything you’re experiencing! While we aren’t your care providers (and can’t offer medical advice), we know that there’s definitely more to pregnancy than just the medical side of things. Your doulas are always here to offer advice, support, or just be a listening ear through all of these massive changes, and there’s no such thing as TMI- promise. These are just some of the kinds of things that you can ask your doulas:

  • What was the cramp, twinge, or funny feeling that I just felt? Should I page my doctor or midwife?
  • When should we take a Childbirth Education class?
  • Can I eat this cheese or sandwich?
  • What pregnancy books or apps should I check out?
  • Is this a contraction?
  • Which prenatal yoga class should I register for?
  • Did my water break?
  • How can we bond with our baby before they’re born?
  • Is this my mucous plug? (And yes, sending us a picture is a-okay!)
  • What baby swing/car seat/diapers should we buy?
  • Anything else (seriously!)

Having a doula on your team means less worry, questions, and anxiety, and more confidence, peace of mind, and ease at each and every stage. All of this starts with a FREE consultation to talk about your birth and answer your questions. Let’s get together and talk about how to help you feel amazing! Book your free consultation now!