Have you seen your due date come and go, and still haven’t had a baby? Are you overdue and over it? We get it. The time between your due date and when you’ll actually meet your baby can be a surreal period full of long days with nothing to do but wait. You probably feel uncomfortable, nervous, excited, and worried, all at once! Even though you KNOW that your due date is just an estimate, it’s normal to feel a sense of disappointment, frustration, or anxious anticipation when the day comes and goes without any signs of labour.

As pregnancy support experts, we hear it all the time from expectant parents: “I can’t handle all the WAITING! I need a distraction!” Your doulas have got you covered! Here are the Top 10 Things to do When You’re Pregnant and Overdue in Nanaimo.


1. Grab a massage

40 weeks pregnant? Congratulations, you’ve officially earned yourself a prenatal massage from the RMTs at Wild Coast Wellness. After carrying a baby for nine months, you deserve to relax (and hey, maybe that’s all you need to go into labour, right?).

2. Take a mini-trip to the Dinghy Dock

There’s something about the cute little Protection Island ferry that makes you feel like you’re really going on a trip (even if it’s only ten minutes!). Hop on the ferry for a lunch or dinner date at the Dinghy Dock and enjoy the fresh air and open ocean. If you’re feeling up for it, take a stroll around the island (it’s entirely walkable, and walking can encourage labour!) before taking the next boat back!

3. Every parent’s love language: coffee

All of the tossing and turning of late pregnancy makes the days feel even longer and you even more exhausted- and the baby’s not even here yet! Check out Bocca Cafe in the Old City Quarter for a warm, delicious, hug in a mug. While you’re at it, grab one of their famous Nanaimo bars- they’re amazing! Another great option is White Rabbit Coffee Co, right across the street from our office!

4. Get some fresh air

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how beautiful our city really is! If you’re overdue and cranky about it, the best place to go is to the beach. There’s something about the salty air that just makes you feel better! Check out Piper’s Lagoon in north Nanaimo. The short walk is just long enough to get you moving- but not too much of a commitment- and there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to help your mind rest, refocus, and reflect. (Think of it this way- the next time you’re back there, you’ll probably be bringing your baby!)

Credit: Travelfootprints.ca

5. Cheer yourself up with a macaron (or five)

Look, sometimes being past your due date just SUCKS. We get it. It’s real. This is definite the time to eat your feelings, if that’s your thing, and the place to do that is Burnt Honey Dessert Company. Their ice cream is delicious and their macarons are the perfect little pick-me-up to make being pregnant for another day almost okay.

6. Get adjusted

A chiropractic adjustment is a great tool in late pregnancy. It can help alleviate pain in your back and hips and make more space in your pelvis for baby (very helpful during labour!). It’s important to look for a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique, which is a special technique specifically designed to adjust a pregnant person’s pelvic alignment. Woodgrove Pines Clinic is the place to go!

7. Go to the museum

Hey, it might sound boring, but the Nanaimo museum is actually pretty interesting! If you haven’t been there since the last time you were on a school field trip, swing by and brush up on some local history. It’s a good, low-cost distraction, and you might learn something new. And walking through the coal mine exhibit is always cool!

8. Eat some spicy food

Does spicy food really start labour, or is that an Old Wive’s Tale? Results are mixed, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Tell the group chat you need some cheering up, and head to Gina’s Mexican Cafe (the purple house overlooking the waterfront) for a delicious dose of spicy food. At the very least, you’ll feel better after reconnecting with your loved ones.

9. Stroll the waterfront

After your lunch at Gina’s, head across the street for a walk along Nanaimo’s famous Swy-a-Lana Lagoon. It’s a great place to walk, and staying active is an important part of a healthy labour. Throw in some lunges on the steps down by the water to really encourage that baby to get moving!

Credit: Mike Thompson

10. Retail therapy

Retail therapy never hurt anyone. Thankfully, Nanaimo is home to Woodgrove Centre, the island’s largest mall. Even though you’re probably fully prepared for the baby by now, Woodgrove’s new Timber + Gray store is the perfect excuse to get out. They’ve got the cutest wooden signs for your baby’s nursery, and how good would it feel to put on a Mama Sweater after your baby finally arrives?

Do you have any other suggestions for being pregnant and overdue in Nanaimo? What kept you sane while waiting on your baby? Let us know in the comments!