Fall is here! The weather has cooled and the leaves are just beginning to turn colors. When the seasons change, it’s a good idea to re-vist your baby’s wardrobe, sort through what they’ve outgrown, and take inventory.

Here are our top tips on how to dress your baby so they’re prepared to sleep, play, and grow through this beautiful season.


1. Baby should wear one more layer than what you’re wearing. You’ve probably already heard this rule of thumb, but it’s especially important when the weather begins to cool. Even if your baby isn’t a newborn, give them one extra layer to whatever you’re comfortable in. Long sleeves (even indoors!), warm pants, and socks are a good base layer! If you’re just hanging out and cuddling at home, or if you’re walking with your baby in a carrier, your body heat can probably serve as this extra layer.

2. Layers are your friend. The temperatures throughout a fall day fluctuate wildly. Dress your baby in layers so that you can adjust for a sunny patch one minute and a downpour the next (thanks, Nanaimo weather!). Don’t forget to bring a blanket along when you leave the house in case it’s colder than it looks outside.

3. Hats are important! Babies’ heads are proportionally very large for their small bodies. This means there’s a lot of surface area in which to lose heat from! Pop a warm hat on your baby’s head whenever you leave the house. If your home is on the colder side, consider using a soft cotton cap when inside (just remember to remove it for sleep).

4. Natural fibres are ideal because they’re so much better at insulating and wicking away moisture. Clothes made from materials like cotton, wool, or bamboo will keep your baby warmer and allow their skin to breathe more than clothes made from synthetics like polyester.

5. DON’T use extras in the car seat. Blankets, jackets, and snowsuits are bulky and are a safety hazard in the car seat because they make the straps much too loose. There should be nothing between your baby’s back and the seat, and nothing between their body and the straps except a thin layer of clothing (fleece is warm and thin!). Tuck blankets around your baby after he’s buckled, and save the coats for outside play.

6. It’s okay if your baby experiences our wild west coast weather. Despite how tiny, fragile, and sweet your baby appears, they’re actually pretty robust. A little rain and wind won’t hurt them! Don’t avoid heading out just because the weather isn’t ideal. If you prepare ahead of time, you and your baby can enjoy getting out of the house even as the days get colder.