Wow, postpartum can be such a wild ride. Sometimes you’re stitched together, you’re exhausted, hormonal, managing feeding schedules (and maybe struggling with breastfeeding), oh- and you’re head-over-heels in love with this brand new little person. Needless to say, your own self-care may be at the bottom of your priority list right now, and trust us- we get it.

We also understand that you may not even know what self-care might look like anymore. Somehow, a dinner date at your favorite place downtown or a hike around Westwood Lake doesn’t exactly seem realistic when you’re barely keeping it together enough to pull on a clean shirt every day and re-do the same tired topknot (and if you’re not even there yet, don’t worry, it’ll come).

It can feel draining when your self-care suddenly becomes eating a meal in between soothing your baby, finally washing the spit-up out of your hair, or shaking the crumbs out of your bed before crawling back in. You know this isn’t sustainable, but how do you make a plan to dig yourself out of this chaos when you can barely keep your eyes open?

Hang in there, new parents! It’s going to get better. We see you during this crazy, overwhelming, and confusing time. We know how much you love your new baby, and how you just want to do the right thing for them (even when you don’t know what that is). We know you’re exhausted, and frustrated, and that you’re maybe not loving every part of this new life (that’s okay). You may even feel angry, or like you are mourning your old self. We see your need to eat a meal with two free hands while it’s still hot, and for a blissfully long shower with time for a deep condition, and for clean cozy sheets on a fresh bed.

Bigger than all of that, we see your need to talk about all of this. We see your need for a listening ear from someone who really understands what you’re going through, and who can help you make sense of everything that’s been going on. A safe space for you to let out your thoughts, your ugly emotions, and feel the relief of getting it all out. Someone to help you figure out what your new normal is going to be during the chaos that is the newborn and postpartum period.

We don’t often talk about what to expect after you have a baby. Sure, you know you’ll be tired, and hormonal, and you can take our newborn care class to figure out your swaddle-and-soothe technique before you even need it. You know that your lactation counselor is a text away and your midwife says you’re doing great. But who talks about the crazy emotions you’re feeling right now?

Your doula does.

We’re here for you, 24/7. Yes, we’re there to answer your questions, teach you how to soothe your baby, to put together your breast pump, to hang out with your older kids, and to make you a meal (and hold your baby while you eat it).

But we’re also here to hold you up during a time when everyone wants to hold the baby. We’re here to listen to your fears, your anxieties, and your worries. We’re here to walk this journey with your family and to help you unearth your own unique parenting style (it’s in there, we promise). We’re here to share in your joys and successes, support you through the hard and ugly parts, and believe in you at every turn.

Sometimes, self care isn’t about bubble baths or date nights. Sometimes, self care is prioritizing your emotional well-being so that you can be the best parent possible.

When you’re ready, give us a call. Our professional and highly trained doulas have seen hundreds of families through the biggest transition of their life, and we’re ready to support you through yours.