prenatal and postpartum counselling

Let’s be real: the transition to parenthood is very rarely as perfect the beautiful moments that we see on social media. Even though we know that having a baby is going to be hard, most parents are surprised at the raw emotions and the physical and mental changes this massive life shift brings. It’s easy to talk about the joy, wonder, and love that a new baby brings… but it’s much more difficult to talk about the grief, sadness, or anxiety that many parents feel.

Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders are common during pregnancy and postpartum, and approximately 1 in 7 people will experience a Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder (PMAD). Many more new parents will struggle with their mental health and may feel lonely, isolated, and hopeless. The truth is that having a baby is often one of the hardest transitions in your life.

We’re to help you navigate the highs and lows of this massive life change, from fertility struggles, pregnancy and birth, changes in your family dynamics, relationship struggles, mood disorders, and parenthood. Our counsellors and mental health professionals have years of experience and training in maternal mental wellness, and bring a deep understanding and compassion to your experiences and feelings. No matter what you’re going through, you deserve to feel seen, supported, and understood.

you can find confidence and stability in this transition.

One-to-one counselling can help you find what you need to make positive changes to improve your quality of life. Together, we’ll help you confront barriers that interfere with your emotional and mental well being. We’ll create a safe place for you to voice your deepest struggles and concerns. Your counsellor will be a compassionate presence and guide to you on your journey to mental balance and well being and through your sessions, you’ll learn to identify your challenges, recognize your triggers, and create strategies and techniques for making positive changes to become the best parent that you can be.

Our counselling sessions are casual, private, and real. We’ll come to you, join you on the couch for a cup of tea, and rock your baby while you have a chance to really process everything you’re going through. Or, let’s head outside for a walk in nature while your baby snoozes in the carrier and have a talk about how much your life has changed. Together, we’ll find ways to integrate your mental wellness into your daily routine so that you and your family can thrive instead of simply survive.

let’s talk about the hard stuff.

  • Pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, and mood changes
  • Processing fears and anxiety about birth
  • Managing feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and worry
  • Fertility challenges and pregnancy and infant loss
  • Processing birth trauma
  • Navigating a difficult postpartum/recovery
  • Feeling sad, angry, uninspired, or unhappy
  • Struggling to bond with your baby
  • Parental burnout and fatigue
  • Changes in your relationship
  • Managing life stress and family dynamics
  • Loss of identity/feeling unfamiliar with yourself
  • Anything else that’s on your mind

you’re in the right place.



After getting her degree from University of Victoria, Meghan was a counsellor for over a decade within health and non profit organizations, working primarily with families and parents. Now, Meghan teaches prenatal and postpartum yoga, parent-and-child yoga, and offers counselling and life coaching to those navigating the changes and adjustments of pregnancy and early parenthood.

Utilizing her training in yoga, meditation, and counselling, Meghan is honoured to support and guide people from all walks of life and at all stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Whether you’re worried about your mental health, struggling in your relationships, looking for your purpose outside of parenthood, experiencing grief and loss, she’s here for it all.


let’s get together.