Congratulations, you’re pregnant! After the excitement of the positive pregnancy test wears off, you may wonder what’s supposed to come next. For many newly expecting parents, the first trimester can bring a lot of new experiences (like nausea, extreme fatigue, and mood changes… yay!). Aside from these super-fun symptoms, many parents-to-be report that the first trimester feels a little anti-climactic. With no bump to show off, no baby kicks to revel in, and no major changes to your lifestyle (yet), you may find yourself wondering… “Okay, I’m pregnant… now what?”

Rest assured, there is plenty going on with your baby during the first trimester- and plenty for you to do to prepare for them, too. No idea where to start? Your doulas do! Here’s our Guide to the First Trimester to help you feel confident and informed from the very beginning.


  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin with 400mg of folic acid to help prevent birth defects.
  • Make your first prenatal appointment with your desired care provider. If you’re looking for a midwife in Nanaimo, it’s best to call them as soon as you know you’re pregnant because their calendars fill up very fast!
  • Start making a list of your pregnancy questions and/or fears. Getting these things out on paper (or into your phone) can help you feel more in control, and it will be handy to have a list for when your care provider asks “So, do you have any questions?”
  • Take your “before” picture. Your body is going to do amazing things, and it will change in ways you can’t even imagine. Take a picture now, so you can look back on where it all began!
  • Prepare for morning sickness, even if you’re still feeling great! Stock up on essentials like saltine crackers, mints, hard candies, ginger ale, and sports drinks to help ease a nauseous tummy.
  • Decide on how you’ll share your good news with your friends, family, boss, and anyone else who doesn’t know yet.
  • Pick up a pregnancy book so you can start learning and preparing for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You may also want to join a few online communities like Pregnant in Nanaimo on Facebook, or look for a group dedicated to your due date month to connect with others at the same stage of pregnancy you are.
  • Rest, talk, and daydream with your partner about what’s to come! The first trimester can be exhausting (you’re creating a whole human, after all) and it’s important to listen to your body’s cues for rest and sleep. If you can’t get off the couch, don’t feel bad- use this time to imagine what it will be like to hold your baby in your arms for the first time. Those positive images will help fuel you through the harder times in your pregnancy.
  • Find and hire your doula! The earlier you add a doula to your team, the more time you’ll have to benefit from all of the tips, information, support, and resources we have to offer. Get in touch with us today to get started!