Birth Partners Workshop


Is your partner ready for birth? Do they know how to help you cope with the sensations of labour, and what to do when things get tough? Do they understand what to expect and how to support you physically and emotionally?

Our Birth Partners workshop was created to help couples prepare for birth together. With a focus on helping you both understand your partner’s crucial role during labour and birth, this workshop will guide you through the hows and whys of planning for your partner’s support and involvement. You’ll learn coping strategies, practical tools and techniques for the big day, how to communicate during labour, and so much more!


You’ve got a care provider that you feel great about. You have a doula team that has your back, no matter what. But when it comes to planning for how your partner will be involved, many couples underestimate just how important partner support is to having a birth experience that you both feel amazing about. Your partner’s support will be one of the most important factors in your ability to cope with labour, yet many partners report feeling nervous, unprepared, and unsure of what their role will be in the labour room and of how to be the best support person possible.

During this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the basic needs of a person in labour and how movement, environment, and partner support impacts birth. You’ll learn how to tune in to a labouring person’s needs, how to be emotionally responsive and supportive, and what to expect at each step of the way. We’ll cover breathing, massage and comfort techniques, positions for every stage of labour, and so much more!

The birth of your baby is about all three of you. And with the right kind of preparation for your entire family, you and your partner can both feel completely confident and empowered to meet the newest member of your family in a way that works for everyone!


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  • Yoga for pregnancy and labour
  • Positions for optimal baby positions
  • Early and active labour movement
  • The birth partner’s role
  • Creating an ideal environment
  • How to provide emotional support
  • Finding a rhythm with your partner
  • The importance of breathing
  • Massage and comfort techniques


Join Harbour City Doulas for our Birth Partners Workshop! Our groups are fun, casual, and intentionally small to allow for lots of conversations and time for questions. Spaces are limited- reserve yours now!

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Upcoming workshops:
Saturday, June 25 3pm

Harbour City Doulas at Island Integrative Health
104 Front St, Nanaimo


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